Our “program” is designated to provide package coverage for newer parks with a clubhouse or community center that qualifies for special form property coverage, thus qualifying the risk for our Mobile Home Park Enhancement endorsement, which provides the fringe coverages that drive business in this class. Risks submitted for monoline coverage, or which do not qualify for our program due to age or other characteristics will be considered using standard ISO rates and rules.


  • No restrictions on park size
  • Three or fewer property and/or general liability claims in the past 3 years
  • May include a limited number of new park-owned rental units for property and liability coverage


  • GL is rated on a per-pad basis rather than annual gross receipts
  • No audits unless peripheral codes with an adjustable exposure basis such as campgrounds are also used
  • Special Form with Replacement Cost available
  • Special Mobile Home Park Endorsement available which includes:
    • A provision that converts standard business income & extra expense from 80% coinsurance to ALS
    • Loss of rent due to loss of "mobile home" not owned by you; $1,500 per pad, $15,000 maximum
    • $2,500 per unit Abandoned Mobile Home Removal Expense/$25,000 annual maximum
    • $1,000 ft perimeter extension
    • $10,000 Money and Securities Inside, $5,000 Outside
    • $10,000 Fidelity, $25,000 Accounts Receivable
    • $25,000 of building limit, $50,000 maximum Ordinance & Law for clubhouses/community centers
    • Trees, plants & shrubs; $500 each, $5,000 maximum

Additional credits available for parks who are members of a qualifying Park Owners Association


  1. Complete Acord Applications
  2. Supplemental application required and can be found in the Red Shield Producer Lounge

For Mobile Home Park Policies through Red Shield Insurance Company, contact your local independent agent.

For additional information or assistance, please email Red Shield Marketing or call us at 800-527-7397.

This web page is intended only to be a general description of coverage. Specific coverage, conditions and exclusions are given only in the policy contract itself. Please review the policy for specific details.

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