Our online payment option is available to insureds who are set up on our Direct Bill and/or Installment Payment program. First-time users will have to spend a few extra minutes registering in the program and setting up an Account Profile. Once established, you will use the username and password you set up with registration to make or schedule your payment(s). Help information is provided at the bottom of every screen.

To register in the program, you will need to identify the type of payment you are making; Initial Payment (down payment or full payment for new and renewal business), or Subsequent Payment (installment payment or mid-term endorsement payment). Next you will be prompted to enter your Red Shield Insurance Company policy number and the mailing address zip code that is on your policy.

Helpful Tips

• Payment Method — Check the small box located at the end of the payment method information section to authorize Red Shield Insurance Company to process the transaction. If this box remains unchecked, the checking or savings account number is removed and must be re-entered.

• Nickname — Save your payment method information for future use by giving it a nickname. You must have a saved payment method on file to set up automatic scheduled payments.

• Scheduling Payments — If you want to set up scheduled payments, you must first establish and save your payment method.

• Payments — Check the box to the left of the corresponding bill you wish to pay. Once the item is checked, the Amount to Pay box automatically fills in the amount due. If you are paying a different amount, position your cursor in the box and type in the amount you want to pay.

Please note that you must contact your agent to make changes to your policy. You cannot make any policy changes in the online payment program.

Proceed to the Online Payment Registration Screen

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